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The Details Matter

Marriage is the union of two people, ready to create a lifetime together. A wedding is the celebration of that decision, surrounded by family and friends who care for each individual and the future of the couple.

We wedding planners at Adorn know full well that a wedding is far more than decoration, glitz, and glamor. That being said, the details of the day are almost as special as the memories created. When you remember a wedding, the images come flooding back: the beautifully styled arch behind the couple as they said their vows, the lights hanging in the trees during cocktail hour, the smell of fresh flowers as you sit down at the reception table, and the delicious dinner and dessert served before everyone hits the dance floor.

The details matter!

west michigan wedding planner, wedding planning, wedding details
Adorn MI West Michigan Wedding Planner

Have you ever stopped to consider who plans and designs the details of the day? That is what we consider our "specialty".

Maybe you are detail-oriented and have the ideas planned out already. Great! If you need decor rental or day-of coordination, we can help you with that, as well.

Whether you want professional wedding planners to design and coordinate your entire day from start to finish or you just need assistance along the way, we can meet you where you are at.


wedding planner, details, west michigan wedding planner, wedding planning
Adorn MI West Michigan Wedding Planner

Let us help you create a day you and your guests will remember.

Contact us to book a consultation.

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